One Moto drives a new wave of sustainability in Dubai.

5 min readMar 8, 2022

● Innovative electric vehicle startup becomes the first company in Dubai to pledge to measure and improve sustainability using FuturePlus.

● FuturePlus is the revolutionary new tool for sustainability measurement and management.

● ONE MOTO’s CEO will champion FuturePlus across Dubai and the UAE to support and encourage others

Launched in the UAE, UK and India, One Moto designs and develops electric motorcycles, bikes, vehicles and scooters for inner-city commuters and the delivery community. The company’s CEO and FuturePlus champion, Adam Ridgway, has pledged to showcase ONE MOTO’s journey towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

Ridgway is delighted to lead the way and showcase their achievements so far, positively affecting 15 of the 17 UN SDGs. “It’s rare for a start up to have so much positive impact, yet a lot harder for larger organisations”.

Expanding into global markets, One Moto has been working closely with FuturePlus to clearly define its sustainability ambitions and turn them into positive actions that can be easily understood and shared with organisations across the UAE and beyond.

Mike Penrose, CoFounder of FuturePlus, said, “Helping One Moto in their mission to change the way people travel and goods are delivered is an amazing challenge for all of us at FuturePlus. Having spent years in cities where mopeds are the main form of transport, I have no doubt that the transport revolution One Moto is championing will have an enormous impact on reducing emissions and improving the health of millions. We are thrilled to be working with Adam, and his team at OneMoto as FuturePlus is the perfect tool for them to define, measure, manage and share their sustainability goals and achievements. ”

One Moto is fully supported by FuturePlus in mapping out its sustainability strategy and will measure and manage its ambitious goals across five sustainability themes: Environment, Climate, Social and Economic Impact and Diversity and Inclusion.

Adam Ridgway wants to share ONE MOTO’s progress against each of these themes with his investors, customers and supporters, and showcase how FuturePlus can empower every organisation, no matter how big or…




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