ONE MOTO eyes up landmark Oxford Street location

4 min readFeb 24, 2021

“From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Transport: how the high street reflects consumer demands”

ONE MOTO, the electric vehicle company focused on sustainable mobility in more than one way, are in conversations with Savills to take over the landmark location of the recently available 214 Oxford Street as their UK flagship store.

Understanding the diminishing high-street fashion retail popularity, and the rise of other consumer focused demands for sustainability, mobility and brands built on values, “the future of consumerism relys on brands built on values to satisfy the growing demands of tomorrow’s consumer” says Adam Ridgway, CEO, ONE MOTO. With an audacious vision of 100 city expansion over the next five years, Ridgway and his team are looking at strategic placement of their brand throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and far east Asia.

Flagship pop-up stores are on our roadmap and thankfully to most European governments the stimulous packages surrounding EVs, sustainably focused businesses promote the uptake of micro, shared and soft-mobility.

ONE MOTO European headquarters focused on Oxford Street, London

ONE MOTO has eyed up Oxford Street as their European head office, which plans to include a micro-assembly plant, 3D printing and an EV experience hub which will open up an internship and ambassador programme for the future engineers, designers and collaborators to see and experience the future of mobility.

“What Apple are to communication, ONE MOTO is to mobility”

The new vehicle range currently in prototype design phase based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates is pioneering technology and sustainable manufacturing processes to align with those of the big EV giants. Tesla, Rimac, Lordstown, Rivian have all been closely followed and admired by the team at ONE MOTO and they are considered peers not rivals.

ONE MOTO focuses on vehicles for the first and last mile to both consumers and commercial deliveries. For consumers their range of scooters, ebikes and mopeds offer a convenient, affordable, technology driven experience whilst maintaining a ‘gamified’ environmental focus. With the ongoing surge in demand of the ‘hyper-growth’ last-mile sector since the outbreak of Covid-19, gives promise to their fleet of commercial delivery vehicles and…




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