Petrol Motorcycles = more harm than good

3 min readJul 27, 2020

What does 16,560 tonnes of CO2 do to the UAE?

Following our recent article “Should delivery vehicles go electric in the UAE” we were asked to help define what the 16,000 tonnes of CO2 produced does to our environment.

Based on the fact that 12,000 petrol delivery motorcycles in the UAE produce more than 16,000 tonnes per year, this article helps show in consumer terms the affects this has to our environment and how together, we can make the change.

What does 16,560 tonnes of CO2 equate to?

Would fill a modest 16-storey building (with a 1,250 sq feet footprint with average height of 13 feet) or a 20,000 sq feet warehouse!

This is a 20,000 ft2 warehouse, this is filled every year with CO2 from petrol motorcycles in the UAE alone.

3,440 Passenger vehicles driven for one year or
64,694,974 kms driven by an average passenger vehicle




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